Sunrise For All is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that was created to serve individuals with special needs and disabled American veterans. These two groups are vital components of the core vision of Sunrise For All, which is to evaluate individuals, including children, and veterans with special needs and subsequently provide therapy to educate and enhance each individual's mental, physical, and emotional needs.

FOR CHILDREN, we specifically focus on building self confidence, self-esteem, and positive communication skills. We will increase each child's ability to focus on specific tasks while simultaneously improving motor skills and addressing behavioral issues. All of the therapeutic lessons take place in a positive, relaxed, and fun atmosphere so that most children do not even realize that they are developing skills for other areas of their lives. We welcome children with varying levels of Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Polio, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Hypotonic Muscle Conditions, and multiple other behavioral and psychological issues. Click here to learn more information about our riding programs.

You can make a difference — please support this effort. and make a donation tor a child or individual who cannot afford therapy. You have the opportunity to change a life by making a donation to Sunrise For All today! Click here for more information.

FOR VETERANS, Sunrise For All works with individuals to build confidence levels so that they are able to execute many of the daily, physical tasks thay may have been done prior to an injury. Our program uses equine therapeutic riding as the tool to improve their lives. Expected results include increased cognitive skills, improved balance, increased stamina, better muscle control, increased muscle strength, better posture, and improved self-esteem. 

Sunrise For All seeks to improve the quality of life of American wounded military men and women. For the wounded military personnel, our hope is to provide one therapeutic session for thirty minutes once a week. With your help today, we can begin to change lives.  A wounded American military person will receive six months of equine/riding therapy.  You can make a difference — please support this effort. and make a donation tor a veteran who cannot afford this therapy.
Sunrise For All Donations

Donate money, horses, riding gear/equipment, or adopt a horse today by contacting Sunrise For All at 540.273.4919 or 540.368.2685, or send an email to